Anya Officially Launches Global Web3 Talent Program

3 min readFeb 15, 2022


‘’Understanding Blockchain makes you go mad unless you start your own cult.’’ Arif Naseem.

At Anya, the goal is to build a talent pipeline of senior Web3 developers. We not only train Web3 developers, we also build a community of Blockchain engineers where they get the chance to improve their skills, connect and network with other people with like minds.

At Anya, we are building a community of Senior Blockchain developers, SREs, and Web3 engineers. We are a community-centered organization focused on developing an ecosystem of Web3 innovation.

Why You Should Join Anya:

There is a huge gap in the Blockchain community that needs to be bridged and to bridge this gap, we realized that we need to create learning opportunities and build a community of people pivoting into Web3 Engineering.

At Anya, we expect everyone that joins the community to gain the skills, experiences, and networks that will accelerate their tech careers and make them become tech leaders globally. We are excited to be building Anya and we can’t wait for you to experience what Anya is about.

Members Benefits

Networking and Learning from people of like minds

The Community is made up of senior, mid-level, and entry-level engineers. This makes the community a level playing ground, leaving no category out and being beneficial to Engineers at all levels. We have a Meetup, Slack, and Telegram channel where engineers rub minds, share opportunities, and come for technical solutions.

Accelerate your Tech Career

We make room for individuals that have an interest in Blockchain but don’t know where to start from or how to go about it. We organize training programs and make room for individuals that have an interest in Blockchain but don’t know how to start. Trainees are shown the ropes and assigned to mentors (Senior Engineers) who guide them through the period of training.

Right Information and Opportunities

We put out Newsletters and blogs, which are packed with information for people in the Blockchain space, as well as opportunities. We also host conferences and events(virtual/In-person/hybrid) The theme of these conferences is usually centered around Web3. We bring in seasoned speakers from across the world to be part of these events.

Job Placements For Anya Fellows

Anya is looking to invest in junior DevOps engineers with significant experience in Web2, and are looking to transition into Web3 engineering and have the opportunity of getting internship placements in tech companies after the course of the fellow program with Anya.

Anya is not just about creating a community, it’s about building a lifelong network of extraordinary Senior Web3 engineers as the Blockchain space continues to evolve. We are so excited to be launching this project and we are also excited to be collaborating with partners that share the same vision.

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